Your throat also becomes dry in winter, follow these easy tips

Tips to prevent from dry throat: Cold Throat problem is very common. Most of the people have some kind of problem in throat. Generally, people complain of sore throat in winter. The soreness increases due to mucus in the chest. Apart from this, some people feel dryness of the throat. in the bottom of the mouth Pharynx It happens that it becomes completely dry. sore throat despite drinking water dry-dry is felt. Although this type of respiratory problem is more in winter. risky No, but if it is not treated then the mind Irritable Seems to happen and many more problems may have to be faced. So let us know why the throat becomes dry in winter and what is its treatment.

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dry throat causes

According to the news of Healthline, when there is a lack of water in the body i.e. dehydration, then the throat starts becoming dry. In this the color of urine becomes dark and the person feels very tired, dizzy and thirsty.

In winter, if you sleep with your mouth open, then the cold goes inside which makes the throat dry.

-If you have hayfever. Seasonal allergy to something is called hay fever. This is due to the overactive immune system. It is not harmless.

If you have a severe cold, flu, acidity, throat infection or tonsils, then there is a risk of dry throat.

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what is the treatment
The treatment of dry throat is very simple. If the throat is dry due to dehydration, then drink more water. Apart from this, the consumption of hot water will bring the most relief.
While sleeping at night, do not get cold from the mouth, so sleep with your mouth covered for a few days. If there is an allergy, then close the house from all sides while sleeping at night.
Cover your head and go out somewhere. Wear warm clothes.
Some antibiotics may help.

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