Youngest among spinal TB patients, AIIMS study revealed

Spinal TB : In the run-of-the-mill life, many times we ignore the pain in our body. Due to the busy lifestyle, our diet also becomes irregular. The result is that the body becomes home of diseases. Many of us have the problem of back and neck pain. Many times we take this pain lightly and do not get our full investigation done, but according to a recent study, ignoring the pain of neck and back can take a toll on health. These can also be symptoms of TB in the spine.

According to a news published in Dainik Jagran, the study of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has revealed that youth are suffering more due to TB infection in the spine. According to the study, every second patient suffering from TB infection in the spine is from the youth group. Especially the youth of 21 to 30 years of age are more vulnerable to this disease. However, only 10 percent of the patients suffering from this problem require surgery and 90 percent are cured by medicines only.

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A recent study done by the doctors of AIIMS International Medical Journal (asian spine journal) is published in. According to the study, 50% of patients suffering from TB of bones are found to have infection in the spine itself.

The Orthopedic Department of AIIMS conducted this study on 1652 people, including 777 women (47%) and 875 men (53%). It was found in the study that most of the patients who were found to have TB of the spine were between 21 and 30 years of age. The number of these patients was 33.3% according to the study. After this, 17.1% of the patients were 31 to 40 years old. At the same time, 15.2% of the patients were between 11 and 20 years of age.

What was the problem with the patients?
According to the study, there were many patients who had no other symptoms other than pain in the back or neck. The study found that the diagnosis of the disease was done about four and a half months after the TB infection in the spine. Because of this the disease was detected late.

98% of the patients were troubled by back and neck pain.

There were also 4.1% patients who were also suffering from lung TB.

– 6.1% were patients who had previously been suffering from lung TB disease.

– 32% were suffering from many other diseases besides TB.

– 3.7% had kidney disease. 2.7% had liver disease.

– 4.6% had various other diseases.

11.8% of the patients had hypertension and 9.2% had diabetes.

Symptoms of TB in the spine
Talking about the symptoms of TB in the spine, there are most cases in which the pain is in the back and neck.

  • According to the study, 98.1% of such cases have been reported in which there is pain in the waist, back and neck.
  • Such patients have also been found, starting from the spine, there is pain in the legs or arms. Their number is 11.9%.
  • Symptoms of fever were found in 33% of the patients in the study.
  • 22.2% of the patients complained of loss of appetite.
  • There were 19% patients who had neuro related problems.

What are the experts saying?
According to Dr Bhavuk Garg, Additional Professor in the Department of Orthopedic at AIIMS, young people are more active. This makes them more prone to infection. If you have back, neck or back pain for more than 4 weeks, you should see a doctor. Fever accompanied by pain and weight gain is also a symptom of TB. In such a situation, an MRI test is necessary.

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such would be the rescue
Hygiene is essential to prevent TB infection. It is important to wash hands properly before meals.
Maintain better immunity of the body
– Take healthy diet
Cover your mouth before coughing
Avoid eating food with a cough patient.

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