You should never do these 4 mistakes with your partner for life, there can be a rift in the relationship

How To Make Relationship Better: We have always heard that the best way to maintain any relationship is to maintain it sincerely and give one hundred percent to that relationship, but let me tell you that it is completely Kind of not true because despite doing so there are many people who feel like heartbroken and trapped in a relationship. Complete dedication in a relationship is a good thing, but giving yourself so much that if you lose your own existence, then it can also become the reason for the breakdown in your relationship. Here we will tell 4 such things that you should never do to maintain a better relationship.
1. Losing Yourself Trying to Save the Relationship
It may seem romantic to do this in the beginning but after a time it becomes a burden. In real life, a relationship can only work in which both of you have your own views and your own arguments. So the first and most important thing is that you should never try to maintain the relationship by putting your existence, your identity at stake.

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2. Trying to impose your views
If you are thinking that the partner will blindly believe or will do anything according to you, then it is wrong. If you want the relationship to last long, then listen to the partner and try to know his opinion.

3. Wrapping your whole world around your partner
If you are one of those people who have settled their whole world around their partner, then soon you are going to lead a frustrated life. It is a good thing that you give importance to your partner but it is wrong to forget your own world. If you do this then the day is not far when the partner will start taking you for granted and will start taking decisions without worrying about your wishes. In such a situation, save your former world.

4. Compare
Love should not be measured by any scale because all the miseries in the world begin with unnecessary comparisons. In such a situation, do not even compare your relationship with anyone else.

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