Yoga Session: Troubled by obesity? Get fit with this yoga asana

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Due to the deteriorating lifestyle of today, people have started falling prey to major and serious diseases from an early age. In all this, blood pressure, sugar and obesity have become common problems. Which can be controlled by doing regular yoga practices. Today yoga instructor Savita Yadav taught to take care of one’s own health through some asanas in the live yoga session of News18. Along with this, he told how obesity can be controlled. Let’s know about today’s yoga practice

First of all, sit up straight by putting a mat. Make the waist and neck straight. Now connecting both your hands together, move the palm towards the front and take it over the head. Hold for a count of 10 and slowly bring it down. Now close your eyes and feel comfortable watching your inhaling breath.

start with meditation
Any yoga posture should be started with meditation. Due to this the mind becomes concentrated and good results of yoga are seen. Concentrate on your in and out breaths. After that chant any mantra with Om.

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Sit on a yoga mat and keep your spine straight. After this, place your hands on your knees and take a deep breath. Now while exhaling, slowly pull the stomach inwards. Do it according to your ability. Pull your navel inwards and exhale for a few seconds. After one round is over, relax and close your eyes. Gradually increase the time duration of this easy. Keep in mind that in the initial phase you do not have to do with much force.

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who should
Kapalbhati practice has to be done on an empty stomach. If there is any problem related to stomach, then this exercise is not to be done. People with heart patients should do Kapalbhati only with the advice of the doctor. Do not do it even with acidity problem. Kapalbhati corrects the digestive system. Due to this, the blood circulation remains fine. If children have a problem of hunger, then it will be cured by this. The benefits of this exercise are many, but also take precautions in it. Kapalbhati is an essential practice. This should be done daily. There are many benefits of Kapalbhati. It brings shine to the brain.

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