Years old video of Shahrukh Khan went viral, said to Salman – if my family is in trouble then you will…

New Delhi. These days, the clouds of trouble are hovering over Shahrukh Khan, who is called the King Khan of Bollywood. He has been in the news for a long time due to his elder son Aryan Khan. The Narcotics Control Bureau has detained Aryan from a drugs party in a cruise a few days ago. Since then Shahrukh Khan is going through a lot of trouble. He is trying his best to rescue his son but till now he is in vain. In this matter, Salman Khan has been fully supporting Shahrukh.

The day Aryan was arrested, Salman visited Shahrukh Khan at his house. Not only this, he is giving full help to Shahrukh. Meanwhile, a video of Shahrukh-Salman is going viral. This video is years old, when Salman used to host the TV show Dus Ka Dum. In this, Shahrukh Khan reached the show with Rani Mukerji. An example of the deep friendship of both is seen in the video.

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Actually, Salman asks Shahrukh who is going to support you in good and bad times. On this, Shahrukh gives such an answer that Salman becomes emotional and hugs him. Shahrukh says, ‘Salman if I am ever in trouble even if my family is in trouble, you will be with me.’ Hearing this, Salman smiles and looks at him and then hugs him.

Now this video of both is becoming quite viral on social media. It is being liked a lot. One user said, ‘This is true friendship.’ On the other hand, another user wrote – ‘Wow Karan Arjun.’ This video proves that Dabang Khan did not let the trust that Shahrukh had expressed in Salman be broken. He is giving full support to Shahrukh in times of trouble. Let us tell you that in the case of Aryan Khan, many Bollywood celebs have supported Shahrukh Khan.


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