Yearender2020: This is how life was in lockdown, bit offline – little online

Yearender2020: Coronavirus has changed a lot like this. While people were forced to live under the fear of Corona Infection, due to this there was a lot of change in the lifestyle of the people. In view of the possibility of infection not spreading, lockdown was imposed, then people remained confined to their homes for a long time. Some good things happened with the lockdown, then some different effects were also on people’s lives. That means a lot has changed in life. A lot of online happened, so a lot of offline too. It can be said that the threat of Corona had a great impact on our lives. Now that this year is about to say goodbye and there is also good news to hear that the corona vaccine is also going to be ready, then it definitely comes to mind that how this year was spent under the influence of Corona and our lives What changes did it bring? Let’s know about some such changes.

Yoga increased interest in online classes
On the other hand, due to the danger of corona in lockdown, people became more aware of their health. This is the reason that during this time, a big change in health and fitness was that in lockdown Yoga also increased in online classes. Online classes of yoga were started by many important institutions of yoga. In this regard, Yogacharya Atul Kumar Verma alias Atreya says that through his Yogatreya institution, he has been conducting yoga classes online since April. He says that because of being online, much better changes took place. Earlier, when there was a teacher training course, only 6–7 people from Delhi were able to meet, but now it is also common to have 24-25 people. He further says that ‘My followers who were not able to learn yoga earlier due to some reason, but now due to online yoga classes, it has become easier for NRIs and people living in different states. Their number has also increased. Due to this medium, people’s time was also saved.

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Lockdown was imposed so that the corona virus infection did not spread. In this, where people go out in public, gatherings were banned, while schools and colleges were also closed. This is the reason why schools remain completely closed for several months. But this situation did not affect the children’s education, so online classes were started by the government. Perhaps this was the first time at such a large level that even young children joined the online class.

Wedding rituals done online
Due to the Corona lockdown people had to cancel many of their work. Auspicious events like weddings have also been postponed. However, in the meantime there were some people who organized their wedding online. They also include Britain’s Sophie Austin and Ben Jackson. Their marriage was postponed due to lockdown. In such a situation, they got married through video conference. He enlisted the help of a video conference app called Zoom, whereby friends, relatives attended his wedding and the clergy performed all the rituals of the wedding. Similarly, Avinash and Kirti from Ghaziabad also got married through video calls. All the events of this wedding were done through video call. At the same time, the invitation to people to attend this wedding ceremony was also sent through video call links. Many similar marriages took place in lockdown. That is, this big change was seen due to Corona.

Priests also became hitech
Important religious acts such as worship and charity were also affected in the lockdown. That is, if you have to complete the vow or you have to tell the story of Satyanarayana Lord in the house, have a havan or any other religious ritual, then there is no need to call the priest in this danger of Corona, but most of the priests are also high tech. Have become. That is, they worshiped online through video calls. At the same time Yajman also donated donations from Net Banking, Google Pay, Paytm.

Doctors and patients connected online
Due to Corona virus, a big change in the lockdown was also noticed that the doctors went online and the patients also consulted them through video call, chat. During this time, apart from Corona infection, the patients had to adopt an online method to see and consult the patients who were there. That is, both doctors and patients went online because of the threat of lockdown and corona. He took advantage of this technique to its fullest use. To prevent overcrowding in the clinic and to avoid the risk of corona infection, doctors resorted to video calls and WhatsApp chat. Also, patients were treated on phone calls. There have hardly been such cases before.

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Hobby of cooking increased, online orders decreased

A major change in the lockdown was noticed that during this time people preferred cooking more at home. This means that the lockdown reduced the trend of ordering food from companies that deliver food such as Swiggy and Zomato. The reason for this is that people kept distance from calling food from outside as a precaution in the danger of corona. At the same time, people fulfilled their cooking hobby by staying in their homes and for this they searched the recipe on the internet and cooking themselves. That is, it increased people’s dependence on self-made. On this pretext, his passion was also fulfilled and savings also.


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