Year 2020: Make these special preparations for winter, best for both beauty and health

Make these special preparations for winter (symbolic photo: Pixabay)

Year 2020: You can do these lifestyle changes in your life before speaking bye-bye in winter. This will not only make your life happy but your health will also be better…

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  • Last Updated:December 5, 2020, 10:19 AM IST

Year 2020: The year 2020 is about to say goodbye and winter has begun. In the winter season, some special preparations are made every year, but since this year has been spent in the panic of Corona Epidemic. And because of this, the year has been different from the others, due to the impact it has had on our life. In the recent past, Coronavirus has completely changed our life. In such a situation, it becomes more important to take care of health and skin during the winter season. So before speaking bye-bye this winter year 2020, you can do these lifestyle changes in your life. This will not only make your life happy but your health will also be better…

Take time to sunbathe:
Take time for yourself during the winter season. Enjoy the sun on the terrace with a park nearby or friends in the house. Sun rays are the source of vitamin D. Along with this, sunbathing relieves joint pain and body pain caused by cold. When you sit in the sun for enough time, the body’s vitamin D needs are met.

Keep skin hydrated and moisturizedDuring winter, the skin becomes dry and lifeless, in such a way, moisturize your skin, it will keep your skin healthy. If you want, you can apply honey and cream on the face to keep the skin soft. Apart from this, you can also massage the face with coconut oil.

Walk or Workout:

The winter season is very lazy. Every time I feel like sleeping and eating just by quilting, but do both walk and workout daily. The workouts keep the skin healthy. If you want to live a healthy life, then take daily walks and workouts in your routine.

Healthy diet
Food should be given special attention during the winter season. Seasonal fruits and vegetables like amla and many types of greens should be included in the food. Apart from this, you can also eat dry fruits and fenugreek laddus, almonds, turmeric milk, decoction, foods containing vitamin C. These things will keep you fit indiscriminately.

Take care of hair in winter:
During the winter season, the hair becomes lifeless and at times, they also have dandruff problem. To avoid this, wash hair twice a week in winter. Wash hair with simple fresh water and mild shampoo. Their natural shine disappears when the hair is washed with warm water. Along with this, do massage oil in the hair. Massage the hair with warm oil a day before washing the hair.

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