Year 2020: Coronovirus epidemic changed our way of living

The year 2020 is now the time to say goodbye. Although this year passed like any other, but due to the effect that our life (life) had on account of Corona Epidemic, this year was different from others. In the recent past, Coronavirus changed our lives completely. While this has had some positive effects, such as people being forced to stay in homes under lockdown, it has given an opportunity to spend time with the family and the outside movement has stopped, so the environment has also started improving. At the same time, due to this epidemic, there were some other changes too, which have completely changed our lifestyle. That is, we have learned a new way of living. What changes have happened in life during this period and how our lives have been affected?

Changed the way of wishing
We do not forget to congratulate our loved ones for any special occasion or festival etc. However, in the Corona era, we were forced to change its method too. Previously, where we used to greet people with a hug and a hand, now we were away and greeted through messages. That is, in the era of coronavirus, people were forced to verbally and stay away.

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This can be called a special change of this era. While even online classes were started for the students, literature, artists also held their meetings, lectures and other programs through video calls, online meetings. At the same time, in this epidemic, most of the companies thought it better to get their employees to work from home. In this case, there was a change in work culture as well.

Sanitation habits
The best thing that has come out of this whole situation of COVID-19 is improvement in personal hygiene. All those who never liked to wash their hands or who believed that their hands are always clean, now they have got used to washing many times a day.

Movement of the mask increased to prevent infection in the corona period. Image Credit: Pexels / cottonbro

Gossip mode
In the Corona era, the way of meeting friends, sitting with them in cafes, restaurants, and gossip changed. In the wake of the transition, a new way of having fun with friends emerged. Now friends meet and talk through video calls. The youth are also enjoying it a lot.

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Cooking passion fulfilled
One of the good things that happened during the stay in the house in lockdown was that often the money we used to spend on eating fast food etc. while getting out, the pockets were loose on one side, on the other hand it was better not to eat them too much. Can be said When people stayed at home, they also became fond of cooking and saved money. This also improved health.

Mask took the form of fashion
The practice of wearing masks increased during the Corona period, so that people would avoid infection. Earlier we used to see masks only with doctors, but it is mandatory for everyone to wear it. At the same time, the mask has also taken the form of fashion. Separate masks for wedding, party, matching mask etc. are all in the trend.

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