Xtremo Review: Seeing violence on screen, you can calm your anger with Xtremo

The film has been released on Netflix.

Xtremo Review: If you want to calm the anger inside you and do not want to fight yourself, then definitely watch this movie. It may seem a bit long but the action sequences will keep you hooked.

Xtremo Review: Is violence a problem? Can violence quell your anger? Can the turmoil going on in the mind be ended by seeing blood, beatings, firing on the screen? Actually, many emotional situations can be dealt with through films. Seeing the violence on the screen, sometimes the anger filled in the mind gets a direction and when the hero or heroine is washing a villain more powerful than himself, the viewers feel a spiritual happiness. It seems that we ourselves are the place of the hero and circumstances are the villain we are smashing.

Recently a new film has been released on Netflix – Xtremo. The film is originally in Spanish but its English dub is also available. Many violent films have been released over the years but no film has seen such a personal form of violence except Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Parts 1 and 2. For example, while watching Kill Bill, we have a special sympathy for the character of heroine Uma Thurman, and when she kills her enemies with the Japanese sword, katana or gun or with her hands, we rejoice her victory. Extremo is one such film after a long time. In this, a strange attachment to the hero is born, a desire to share in his sorrow and when he, along with his sister, eliminates the enemies, we are probably happier than him.

Max (Teo Garcia) works in a big gang, for which killing anyone is not a big deal. The gang bosses treat him as their own son, while their real son, Lucero, is desperate to take his father’s place. Lucero first kills his father and then, fearing Max’s revolt, he sends hired assassins to his house as well. Max’s only son is killed in the fight. Max’s sister Maria somehow saves him. For two years, the brothers and sisters together plan to eliminate Lucero. With an opportunity, a phase of demolition begins in which there is tremendous action, firing, blasts, great martial arts and tremendous scenes of killing the enemy with different weapons.

There is no big story in the film. It is a very simple revenge story. Avenge the death of his standard father and his only son. It is revenge but very violent. Every single action scene has been made with a lot of hard work. Teo has done his own stunts. It is worth mentioning the action sequence in the bathroom where Max effectively eliminates his enemies. The manner in which Max defeats his attackers without weapons and only with the help of equipment available in the garage is commendable as well as dangerous. Most of the film is divided into action and stunt scenes and this is the most important part of the film. Seeing Teo’s action reminds me of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Van Damme films. Teo is as powerful and agile as Bruce Lee, as smart as Jackie Chan and as nimble as Van Dam, and knows how to use his legs. In the film, Max has a new disciple, Leo, who sometimes calls Max as Bruce Lee and sometimes Jackie Chan. Watch this movie and definitely see it. There is no story in the film. Probably no logic will be seen in the film. There is a story of a hero and a thousand enemies in which the hero annihilates all the enemies even after taking very few injuries and emerges victorious. The specialty of this film is its simplicity. The story is like a streak. The hero of the film is Teo Garcia’s idea, which has been molded in the screenplay by Ivan Ledesma. If you shun murder and violence, then this film is not for you. But if you want to calm the anger inside you and do not want to fight yourself, then definitely watch this film. It may seem a bit long but the action sequences will keep you hooked.

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