Xiaomi is bringing a wonderful phone, the battery will be fully charged in less than 10 minutes

The demand for smartphones with fast charging has increased rapidly among users. In view of this, companies are also starting to offer fast charging with new technology in their new smartphones and Xiaomi is trying to get ahead in this race. According to a tech blogger on Weibo, Xiaomi is currently working on flash charge technology of more than 100 watts.

According to the report, with this charging technology, the company will also offer a more mAh battery. It is rumored that the company may offer this fast charging technology in the Xiaomi Mix 5 series and it will fully charge the phone in less than 10 minutes.

Xiaomi has shown 200W fast charging technology
Xiaomi Mix 5 series smartphones can be launched next year. There have been many such reports in the past, in which it was said that Xiaomi is going to offer fast charging power of more than 120 watts in the new flagship smartphones. A few months ago, Xiaomi announced its 200W fast charging technology.

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Phone will be fully charged in 8 minutes
The company had shown 200W fast charging working in a modified version of the Xiaomi 11 Pro smartphone. The wired charging of this phone reaches up to 200W charging and this charges the phone from 0 to 100% in 8 minutes.

120W ultra-fast wireless flash charging
The 200W fast charging technology will use its own developed ‘Ring Shape Cold Pump Cooling System’ to control the heat generated. This will improve the safety of this ultra-high power fast charging as well as improve the overall performance of the phone. Xiaomi has 120W ultra-fast wireless flash charging technology. This technology charges the phone’s battery up to 100% in 15 minutes.

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