WWW Review: “WWW” is the rawest form of hostess drama

Hostage situation i.e. hostage situations have been used extensively in cinema. In the climax of the film Sholay, Dharmendra is kept tied at Amjad Khan’s base and is made to dance with Hema Malini. A few days ago, Dhamaka, directed by Ram Madhvani, was also on a hostage situation. Each Hostess film has a single objective, to kidnap the hero’s favorite person, such as his girlfriend, wife or child, to make him hostage and to convince the hero of his mistake in return for releasing her. In “Zinda”, a Hindi imitation of the Korean film Old Boy, John Abraham keeps Sanjay Dutt confined in a room for several years to avenge his sister’s humiliation in high school. The shooting of films in the lockdown had a very bad effect, while some filmmakers made use of this limited capacity to shoot the film by turning the computer screen into a camera. Malayalam film ‘See You Soon’, released in 2020, is the first such film in which most of the scenes are shown through the eyes of a computer-mounted camera. On the same lines, now a Telugu film WWW (Who, Why, Where) has been released on Amazon Prime, in which the entire film is shot through the camera of the computer screen.

WWW story
The film’s director KV Guhan has written the story of WWW. We are not going to give up our habit of making films by being influenced by English films and once again we have made the film keeping such circumstances in the center which are unlikely to happen. The film’s hero Vishwa (Adit Arun) is a computer hacker who falls in love with Mitra (Shivani Rajasekhar), roommate of one of his hacker friend Christie’s (Divya Sriprada). Vishwa tells that girl his profession as the CEO of the recruitment company and also gets Mitra’s brother a job. As soon as the two plan to meet, Modiji announces the lockdown. To avoid this, a good computer is installed in Mitra’s room and both of them keep video chatting online all day.

One day suddenly an unknown person breaks into Mitra’s room, stabs Christie and begins the process of blackmailing Vishwa. Vishva is forced to reveal the names of herself and her hacker friends, she is asked to tell her mother the fact that she is a hacker. Vishwas hacked the website of Mitra’s father’s company, due to which Mitra’s father committed suicide and his family is in trouble, this truth also comes to the fore. Slowly it is revealed that this attacker is a game designer whose data was hacked and sold by Vishwas and this designer was ruined and his wife had killed the soul, for which he is doing all this to take revenge. In the midst of all this, Vishva informs Inspector Khan of the police’s cyber cell, who is looking for Vishwa and his friends, about this trouble. Khan comes and rescues Mitra, takes Christie to the hospital and the man is arrested.

How is WWW?
Prima facie the story raises a lot of hopes, but the way the film progresses, it is very boring and the actors are all very ordinary from above. Vishwas loves Mitra’s voice, falls in love with her paintings, and then falls in love with her through the computer screen. Love is on the rise but Mitra never asks what is the name of Vishva’s recruitment company, especially when her brother gets a job through Vishva. Vishwa is a hacker but he is able to see only Mitra’s Instagram account, he does not find any picture of him on the internet. Vishwas has 2 more hacker friends, it would not have made any difference if he was not in the film.

Why Vishwa’s free-spirited beerbaaz friend is also in the film, I don’t know. If the attacker does not seem to be educated in any way, then how can a computer game designer appear? The attacker enters the house directly and starts wielding a knife, is there no sound in the neighbourhood? Vishwa had hacked the website of Mitra’s father’s company and the blame was leveled on Mitra’s father due to which he committed suicide. Does a company not even know in the investigation that hacking has happened? How likely is it to meet his father’s indirect killer and fall in love with him through the screen, when Vishwa does not do anything that will make Mitra fall in love with him. Many such discrepancies are included in the story, due to which the fun of watching becomes gritty.

The entire film is shot through computer screens and this type of experiment requires either a strong story or an actor. WWW’s bad luck is that neither its script has the guts nor its actors are good. Adit Arun is in dire need of learning acting. Most of the time they are seen in the same expression. There is no difference between their restlessness and helplessness. This is Shivani Rajasekhar’s second film and despite being from a film family, her acting limits are very small. Rest of the cast are simple, some are kept in vain. Cyber ​​cell officer Khan does nothing except overacting.

Director KV Guhan is basically a cinematographer and this is his third attempt as a director, but neither his story, nor his storytelling nor cinematography shows anything special. He should learn from cinematographer Sabin and director Mahesh of Fahad Fasil’s See You Soon, how to make a scene different and interesting using different angles from a computer screen. Music is by Simon King and the film has 3 songs and 1 theme. Nailu Nadi Dhar is a good song but the part of Carnatic music sounds a bit strange. There is also a rap named Who, Why, Where, which has been used for promotion by calling it a lockdown song. Editor Tammi Raju would have had something to do if the script was good. In the shot division, one shot of this screen and one shot of that screen have been edited for the film. Even a good editor cannot save a raw script.

It would be a better thing to stare at a closed computer screen for two hours than to watch Who, Why, Where. For this kind of experiment, it is necessary to have an experienced scriptwriter with the help of an experienced scriptwriter, only the film does not make good from the point of view of the cinematographer.

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