Worldwide the number of infected crosses 22.37 crores, the death toll exceeds 46 lakhs – World Coronavirus Update: Global coronavirus cases exceed 22.37 crores | Worldwide the number of infected crosses 22 crore 37 lakh, the death toll is more than 46 lakh

Digital Desk, Washington. Coronavirus cases have increased to 22.37 crores worldwide. A total of more than 46.1 lakh people have died due to this epidemic. Also, more than 5.64 billion people have been given vaccine doses. These figures have been shared by Johns Hopkins University.

In its latest update on Saturday morning, the university’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed that the current global cases, death toll and vaccination numbers stand at 223,790,289, 4,616,142 and 5,640,209,397, respectively. According to CSSE, the US continues to be the worst-hit country in the world with the highest number of cases and deaths at 40,856,200 and 658,957 respectively.

India ranks second in terms of corona infection with 33,174,954 cases. According to CSSE data, the other most affected countries with more than 3 million cases are Brazil (20,974,850), UK (7,202,212), Russia (7,000,636), France (6,972,934), Turkey (6,613,946), Iran (5,258,913, Argentina (5,221,809), Colombia (4,926,772), Spain (4,907,461), Italy (4,596,558), Indonesia (4,158,731), Germany (4,071,643) and Mexico (3,479,999) are followed by Brazil with 585,846 deaths in terms of deaths. Is.

Countries that have crossed the 100,000 death toll. Among them are India (442,009), Mexico (266,150), Peru (198,621), Russia (187,768), Indonesia (138,431), UK (134,313), Italy (129,828), Colombia (125,529), France (116,049), Iran (113,380) and Argentina (113,282).



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