World Vegetarian Day 2020: Know what is the benefit of being a vegetarian, eat these things

World Vegetarian Day 2020: Know what is the benefit of being a vegetarian, eat these things

Hello friends, today is World Vegetarian Day. World Vegetarian Day is celebrated all over the world on 1 October every year. Our favorite celebrities around the world are slowly opting for vegetarianism, except meat. There are many health benefits of eating vegetarian food. People choose vegetarian food for many reasons. For some people, a vegetarian diet is a way of staying healthy or avoiding non-vegetarian hormones.

Know what is the history of World Vegetarian Day:

Some people in North America formed the North American Vegetarian Society in the 70s to bring vegetarians around the world in one place and protect people from diseases such as hoofs and mouthparts. The Society started celebrating World Vegetarian Day in America in 1977. Society mainly brings positive aspects of vegetarian life to the world. For this, the Society has also conducted studies related to vegetarianism.

World Vegetarian Day

Expert doctor Amit Singh said the benefits of being vegetarian:

On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day, dietician Dr. Amit Singh said that according to recent research, the diet in vegetarian food is rich in fiber and the number of vitamins and salts in it is also relatively high. Dr. Amit told me that the amount of water in such food is high which reduces obesity. Vegetarian diets have less saturated fat and cholesterol than non-vegetarians, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.

This deficiency can happen in young people:

The results of the study indicated that regular intake of carnivores leads to a lack of patience in youth, predisposition to trivialities, and a tendency to harm others. The Society’s activities were initially confined to the American continent, but later expanded its sphere of work, including the European continent.


A vegetarian diet reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. People who eat pure vegetarian food are 30% less likely to have heart disease. Vegetarian food is mild. It is digested quicker than other food. A vegetarian diet keeps the brain alert and makes it intelligent. Eating this type of food makes a person feel refreshed.