World Sleep Day: 10 tips if you can’t sleep at night, immediately improve the sleeping quality

World Sleep Day: To keep our body healthy, as much as necessary to exercise and take healthy diet, it is also necessary to get a good sleep at night. It has been proved in researches that if you are not able to get good night sleep then it will not only affect your hormones, but will also disturb your brain function. Not only this, in the absence of better sleep, your weight can also gain and the immunity of the body can also be affected. In the last few years, due to the changes in the lifestyle, complaints of people not getting sleep at night have increased rapidly. So let’s know which tips we can include in our life for a good night sleep.

1. Work in daytime light

According to Healthline, when you work in daytime light, by nightfall, your brain, body and sleep-related hormones start preparing themselves for sleep. The light of day time makes the circadian rhythm present in the body healthy. It makes your body energetic during the day and improves the sleeping quality and sleeping time during the night.

2. Do not use blue light exposure at nightDuring the day when we are in the light, it is beneficial for our sleep, but if you use blue or strong light during the night, it prevents your sleep from coming in at the right time. It affects your melatonim hormones which are necessary for deep sleep. In such a situation, it is better that you do not use blue light lights two hours before bedtime. If you use night mode on TV and mobile too, it would be better.

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3. Do not consume caffeinated food in the night

During the day, when we eat caffeinated food or drink, it gives us energy. In such a situation, your sleep can disappear by taking it at night. According to a study, if you want a good sleep, then never consume caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.

4. Do not sleep late in the day

A small power nap can be taken during the day, but if you sleep for hours during the day, it affects your night sleep. Not only this, it also affects the quality of your night’s sleep and you are deprived of deep sleep.

5. Do not use alcohol

Consuming alcohol at night can spoil your sleep. In fact, alcohol is believed to be the cause of sleep disorder, sleep apnea, snoring. Not only this, the consumption of alcohol at night also disturbs the sarcomereum rhythm and can worsen the sleep pattern.

6. Give the bedroom a better environment

If you want better sleep, then give your bedroom a better environment. Keep temperature suiting in the bedroom. There should be peace in place of noise inside the room, there is no light outside and your bed is comfortable. This will definitely increase the quality of your sleep and you will be able to sleep better.

7. Make the diner fast

If you have a heavy dinner immediately before bedtime, then this can also be the reason for your poor sleep. Try to have a meal 4 hours before bedtime.

8. Lead an active life

If you exercise, walk or gym during the day, then it improves your quality of sleep, so do exercise or walk daily if possible.
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9. Do not drink water immediately before sleeping

If you drink a lot of water or any kind of liquid before sleeping, then you may have to wake up again and again for the bathroom at night. In this case, drink water 1 or 2 hours before bedtime. Be sure to go to the toilet before sleeping.

10. Take a bath before sleeping

After the exhaustion of the day, when you take a bath at night, both your body and mind feel relaxed. In such a situation, take a bath before sleeping for better sleep. It has also been found in a research that those bathing in lukewarm water one hour before bedtime can get deep sleep at night.


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