World Senior Citizens Day 2021: Elders keep themselves positive in this way during the pandemic

World Senior Citizens Day: The Corona Pandemic (COVID19 Pandemic) has affected everyone’s life a lot. In such a situation, the youth have learned to resort to new techniques to keep themselves engaged in the monotonous life, but what about those who are still far behind the internet world? Yes, we are talking about those elderly members of the house for whom the internet is still like a dream. In this era of Kovid-19, every elderly person is living under the shadow of a fear. This fear is not only affecting his mental health, but his physical health has also started deteriorating.

Troubled by social isolation

Archana Sharma, MD and founder of Sansevi Senior Care, Gurgaon, who has been working for a long time for senior citizens, said that in the era of Corona epidemic, senior citizens are facing the problem of social isolation the most. Not only this, they are also haunted by the fear of losing their loved ones. Due to all these, they have started feeling ill physically and mentally. In such a situation, it is important that they keep themselves positive and include yoga, meditation etc. in their lifestyle by following a healthy routine. Apart from this, the youth also need to be sensitive towards them.

Elders keep themselves positive like this

1. Drive

If you are bored or feeling mentally tired while at home, then go for short drives. You go out on the streets once a day in your car and it is better that you go away from the city and get fresh air. This will make you feel better.
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2. Follow Routine

Even while staying at home, you must follow your regular routine. In your routine, from bathing and washing to worship, recitation and exercise etc. should also be included. Apart from this, do not ignore your medicines, food habits, conversations with friends, relatives, etc. on the phone. All these things will keep your mental health better.

3. Yoga and Meditation

If you are under stress or feeling stressed then yoga and meditation can go a long way in keeping you positive. In such a situation, do stretching, light exercise, yoga, meditation etc. regularly.

4. Keep the Relationship Healthy

Maintain good relations with the members of the house. Keep in mind that like you, other members of the house are also under stress due to corona and are leading an unusual life. In such a situation, help them and try to maintain positive vibes in the house.

5. Healthy Habit

Corona has taught us that if you eat better and carry a lifestyle then you can avoid diseases. In such a situation, try to be active instead of drinking alcohol, cigarettes, unhealthy food, sitting throughout the day etc. With this your body can beat all kinds of diseases.

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6. Take help of youth

If you live alone, do not hesitate to seek help from the youth around you. Try to learn from them like bill payment, grocery online shopping etc. Try to connect with YouTube, social media etc. Remember that there is no age to learn.

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