World Rivers Day 2021, know interesting things related to World Rivers Day


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Published: Sunday, September 26, 2021, 1:36 [IST]

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Bangalore, 26 September. World River Day 2021 is being celebrated all over the world on Sunday, 26 September. This day has become one of the biggest environmental celebrations on earth. Many of the world’s rivers are in poor condition and facing increasing pressures from pollution, industrial development and climate change. Around 100 countries will participate in this year’s activities. Its purpose is to reduce the increasing water pollution in the rivers because the river is an integral part of our life on which humans, animals, trees and plants depend.


what is the theme of 2021

The theme of this year’s event is once again “Waterways in Our Communities”, with a special emphasis on the need to protect and restore urban waterways, which are often under great pressure. Several events this year will also outline the all-important link between the state of our rivers and the state of our oceans.

How River Day started

In the year 2005, the United Nations declared Water for Life Decade (World River Day) by all countries to take care of water resources or to make people aware of water. Since then, International River Day is celebrated every year on 26 September. The proposal for this day was placed under Marc Angelo in response. Apart from this, Canadians in British Columbia celebrate “British Columbia River Day”. Which is celebrated as the famous rivers of North America.

Mark Angelou, founder and president of World River Day
Mark Angelou, founder and president of World Rivers Day, said “The importance of clean fresh water has been essential to the fight against COVID-19, so World Rivers Day is a celebration for millions of people around the world to celebrate the importance of healthy vibrant waterways. There is a timely opportunity to come together”.

These will be programs

This year’s events will be either physical or virtual depending on the COVID-19 circumstances. Many programs will focus on educational and public awareness activities while others will include river clean-up, housing restoration projects and community riverside festivals. Activities of a digital nature will include school projects, art festivals, launching new campaigns, online essays and poems, digital photo galleries, new research projects, live-streamed panels and virtual film initiatives.

16th Annual World River Day

This year is the 16th annual World River Day, which has its roots in the great success of BC River Day, which celebrates its 41st anniversary in Canada’s westernmost province, and was established by Angelou in conjunction with the Council on Outdoor Recreation.

Strives to raise public awareness of the many dangers

Chairangelo, founder of both BC and World River Day and Emeritus of the River Institute at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, said, “World River Day seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of our waterways as well as the many dangers they face. Is,” . .

Rivers are an integral part of all life

“Rivers are an integral part of all life,” said Angelou, who has flown more than 1000 rivers in more than 100 countries, perhaps more than any other. Angelou’s lifetime commitment to river conservation, including the establishment of World River Day, is also the subject of the upcoming feature length film, “Last Paddle; 1000 Rivers, One Life”, which will have a special screening at the city’s VanCity Theatre.

Rivers are slowly drying up
Not only in India but also in other countries, due to the rapid development and carelessness towards nature, the water of rivers is becoming very polluted and due to this the climate is also changing due to which many types of diseases are arising. In such a situation, the water of the rivers is gradually drying up. The importance of World River Day is to prevent contamination of all those rivers to save water. Experts and stakeholders said that in a riverine country like Bangladesh, people need to feel connected to rivers to protect them, otherwise the fight against encroachers will not be successful.

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World Rivers Day 2021, know interesting things related to World Rivers Day

Story first published: Sunday, September 26, 2021, 1:36 [IST]

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