World Photography Day: On average, 350 billion photos are clicked daily,

World Photography Day: On average, 350 billion photos are clicked daily,

World Photography Day: On average, 350 billion photos are clicked daily, know when the first selfie was clicked

   Hello friends, today is World Photography Day. Today is celebrated around the world as Day of World Photography. The aim is to unify photographers around the world. According to historians, photography began on 9 January 1939. Two scientists, Joseph Nicephor and Luis Dogger invented the dogger type process, which was the first method of photography.

world photography day

An average of 350 billion photo clicks per day:

   Photo not only helps you understand things around the world easily but also makes it fun to read a story or news with the help of visuals. With the arrival of mobiles, digital cameras click on an average of 350 billion photos a day worldwide. But very few people will be exposed to the hundreds of years old world of photography.


History of Photography Day:

   Photography is a Greek word. Which originated from photographs and graphy. Before this, a permanent image was captured in Nicefour in 1826 before the method of holography. British scientist William Henry Foxtel Boat researched and discovered negative and positive processes. In 1834, Tail Bot invented light-sensitive paper.


  On 9 January 1939, the French scientist Argo prepared a report on this for the French Academy of Science. The French government purchased the Dagure Type Process Report on 19 August 1939 and declared it free to the common people and bought its patent, providing this invention “free to the world”. Therefore, World Photography Day is celebrated on 19 August every year.


Know what is the career in photography:

  As you all know that photography is not a hobby today but has become a popular field of career among the youth. In the current era, there are various types of scopes in photography. With which you can not only fulfill your hobby but also get a good income. Demand has always been a career option. Photography has become even easier today due to modern and digital cameras.


You can make your career by going in these areas:

   The field of photography ranges from fashion photography to portfolio photography and even pre-wedding photography and pregnancy photography to the coffee trend. This is the reason that photographers are in special demand in the industry at this time.


Let’s know some of the major job options in the field of photography: –


* Fashion photographer

* Film photographer

* Ad photographer

* Wildlife photographer

* Commercial photographer

* Food photographer

* Industrial photographer


Know when the selfie was clicked:

  I Will tell you that most people think that selfie has started for a few years, but it is not so. The world’s first selfie was clicked about 181 years ago. In 1839, American photographer Robert Cornelius clicked the world’s first selfie. After setting up the camera, Robert removed the cap himself and clicked the world’s first selfie.

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