World No Tobacco Day 2020: know about, when and who started it

World No Tobacco Day 2020: know about, when and who started it

World No Tobacco Day 2020: know about it, when and who started it

Hello friends, today is May 31, 2020, World Tobacco Prohibition Day. It is celebrated every year on 31 May as World Tobacco Prohibition Day. The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the widespread and negative health effects of tobacco use. On this day people are made aware to stop the consumption of tobacco or its products or to reduce the use.

World no tobacco day

Let me tell you, due to the consumption of tobacco, there are currently more than 7 million deaths worldwide every year. In the last few years, there has been enthusiasm and resistance from governments, public health organizations, smokers, producers all over the world.

When was world NO Tobacco Day first observed?

In 1987, the World Health Organization WHO considered it an epidemic because of the increase in mortality due to tobacco use diseases. This was followed by World Tobacco Prohibition Day on 7 April 1988, the anniversary of WHO. Every year thereafter, 31 May was celebrated as World No Tobacco Day.

Why is Tobacco Prohibition Day celebrated?

World Tobacco Prohibition Day is observed all over the world to make people tobacco-free and healthy and to avoid all the dangers of tobacco and smoking. The WHO established a tobacco-free initiative which is an effort to focus on international resources and the global health issue of tobacco.


The year 2003 has been adopted by countries around the world as an agreement to implement policies that work for tobacco prohibition. Subsequently, on the eve of World Tobacco Prohibition Day in 2008, the WHO called for a worldwide ban on all tobacco advertising, promotion, and purpose. The theme of that year’s day was “Tobacco-Free Youth”.

What is this year's theme?

The WHO selects a theme for this day each year. This topic becomes a central component of the WHO’s tobacco agenda for the next year. This year, the theme of World Tobacco Prohibition Day in 2020 is “Tobacco Risk on Lungs”. Let me tell you that in the last year 2019, the topic of Tobacco Day was that “Health of lungs”.

Diseases caused by tobacco:

  • Lung malfunction.
  • heart disease.
  • Cancer – Cancer of lungs and mouth.
  • Mouth odor.
  • Less visible with eyes.


According to the WHO, tobacco can cause about 25 types of physical diseases and about 40 types of cancer. These include oral cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer, brain tumors, etc.

Side effects of consumption of tobacco:

Tobacco contains a substance called nicotine, which is highly addictive. When you consume a substance due to nicotine, it makes you feel good for that time. But after that, it affects your heart, lungs, and stomach as well as your nervous system due to prolonged use. Long-term use causes problems with cough and sore throat.