World Friendship Day 2020: Know when is Friendship Day and its history

World Friendship Day 2020: Know when is Friendship Day and its history

World Friendship Day: Know when is Friendship Day and its history, on which day it is celebrated in India

Hello friends, today is World Friendship Day. There is no other relationship in the world more than friendship. Once your blood relations can leave you, but friends rarely leave you. To maintain the importance of this special relationship of friendship, 30 July is celebrated every year as World Friendship Day.

World Friendship Day

When is Friendship Day celebrated in India:

Like every year in India, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. According to this, Friendship Day 2020 in India is falling on the second date of August. Let us tell you that it is celebrated at different times in different countries. The era of social media has changed the nature of Friendship Day itself. Earlier people used to tie their bonds to their friends. But today, in the age of social media and the internet, it is limited to digital greeting cards and messages.


Know what is its history:

The day was first started in 1920 with the idea of Jayce Hall, the founder of Hall Mark Card. In the year 1920, he proposed to celebrate Friendship Day by sending greeting cards to his friends on 2 August. But people did not take it seriously and refused to persuade by showing a way of doing business.

 After which it was officially launched in 1935 by the United States. According to some experts, during World War I, there was an increase in mistrust and hatred among some countries. Only then was the initiative taken to celebrate Friendship Day. Let us tell you that now Friendship Day is celebrated like a famous festival.

What is the importance of friendship day:

The primary purpose of celebrating friendship day is to promote love and peace among humans. Friends are those who share happiness and sorrow and also guide us. However, gradually this day has been made the medium of a trade by the people. There is no other relationship in the world than friendship.

Your friends can wish through these poems: Friendship Day Quotes

In this coronavirus and lockdown atmosphere, all of you must be remembering our friends, and we may not be able to meet some special friends. So to make this special day even more special, we have also brought loving messages for you. Through which you can increase your friendship further. You can send this special message to your friends on Happy Friendship Day.


Mujhase ek dost nahin badala jaata,

chaahe laakh dooree hone par,

logon ke to bhagavaan tak badal jaate hain,

ek muraad pooree na hone par.


har karj dostee ka ada kaun karega….

jab ham hee nahin rahenge to dostee kaun karega.

ai Khuda mere dost ko Salamat rakhana….

varana mere jeene kee dua kaun karega. 


dostee bhee kya gajab cheej hotee hai, 

magar yah bhee bahut kam logon ko naseeb hotee hai.

jo pakad lete hain jindagee mein daaman isaka,

samajh lo kee jindagee unake bilkul kareeb hotee hai.


tum vah dost ho usake saath mainne jindagee ka sabase achchha samay gujaara hai. jisake saath har lamha baanta hai.


dost vah hote hain, jo parivaar to nahin hote magar unakee jindagee mein ek khaas jagah hotee hai aur unake bina parivaar mukammal nahin hota.


koee itana chaahe to bataana…,

koee itana na tumhaare uthae to bataana.

dostee to har koee kar lega tumase, 

koee hamaaree tarah nibhae to bataana