World Chocolate Day 2020: Know the history and some special dishes made with chocolate

World Chocolate Day 2020: Know the history and some special dishes made with chocolate

World Chocolate day 2020: Know the history and some special dishes made with chocolate

Hello Friends, International Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on 7 July which is also celebrated in many other countries including America. Most people like the taste of chocolate. But you know that it was not always sweet. It tasted pungent American people used to grind cocoa seeds and add some spices and chilies to make it. For this reason, its taste was pungent.

World Chocolate day

What is the history chocolate day:

The history of chocolate is 4000 years old. Some people say that the chocolate-making cocoa tree was first found in America’s jungles. But now Africa alone supplies 70% of the world’s cocoa. Chocolate was introduced by people in Mexico and Central America. In 1528, Spain annexed Mexico.

Chocolate reduces the effect of aging and controls weight:

According to scientists, the cocoa flannel present in chocolate does not allow the symptoms of increasing age to come quickly. According to an American study, drinking two cups of hot chocolate every day improves the mental health of older people and increases their perception.


According to research conducted in the year 2010, it reduces blood pressure. Research by the European Society of Cardiology has found that eating large amounts of chocolate can be safe from many diseases related to the heart.


Chocolate is one of the most popular and most liked all over the world, which is a mouth-watering mouth of children, all of them, as soon as they hear the name, chocolate has made the whole world crazy. Let us know, some new recipes made from chocolate.

Some dishes like chocolate:

No-Bake Vegan California Walnuts Chocolate Brownie-


To make chocolate, we need 1 cup dates (seeds removed), 1 cup California Wall Nuts, 6-7 teaspoons cocoa powder and some California Wall Nuts roasted, 1 teaspoon salt


* Cut the dates into small pieces and grind them.


* Then add California wall-nuts, cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon salt and make it powder-like.



* And mix the dates and powdered walnuts in a mixing bowl and add California walnuts to it.



* After that put it in square paper and you can decorate it with some nuts and keep it in the fridge again, after cooling it cut it into peso.




California Walnut Raspberry Chocolate-


One cup coarsely chopped California Walnut Toast, one cup of brown rice, 130 grams of melted dark chocolate to make California Walnut Rasberry Chocolate


In a large bowl, mix rice and walnuts and add melted chocolate to it. Stir until it mixes well.


• Put this mixture in 6 paper flights, then press it with a spoon and spread it so that it becomes like a crust.


• Then place a raspberry on top of it and garnish it with mint leaves.



How is chocolate beneficial for our body?

* If you are under some type of stress, chocolate can reduce your stress. Don’t forget to eat chocolate whenever you are under stress or depression. This will make you feel relaxed.


* Chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which reduces wrinkles that appear on your skin. This makes your skin look healthy. Due to its properties, chocolate baths, facials, packs, and waxes are also being used nowadays.


* Chocolate is very beneficial for people who have low blood pressure. Chocolate gives instant relief in case of low blood pressure.


* Chocolate is very beneficial in reducing the LDL cholesterol present in our body.


It is also helpful in controlling obesity and other diseases caused by it by lowering LDL cholesterol.


* According to research, drinking two cups of hot chocolate drink every day keeps the mind healthy, and memory is not weakened. Chocolate improves blood circulation in the brain.



* Consumption of chocolate or chocolate drink reduces the possibility of heart disease by one third and helps to keep the heart-healthy.


* Many research has shown that when the arteries become blocked. In such a situation, chocolate is very beneficial.