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World Cancer Day 2021: Cancer .. A disease that feels a bit shocking upon hearing its name. People give up hope of living. But with this cancer, a woman who is single is living life with great vigor. During the Corona period, his courage did not leave him, even when he was suffering from lack of cancer drugs and loneliness. While their cancer is increasing day by day. On the occasion of World Cancer Day, let’s introduce you to the Cancer Survivor in women.

Courage is very important
Cancer Survivor, 53-year-old Anita (name changed) tells about her difficult journey- When I first came to know that she has cancer, that too of fourth stage, then I asked the doctor, how much time do I have The The doctor said, people faint only after hearing the name of cancer, you have great courage. Now keeping the same courage alive in myself, I have been fighting a battle against cancer for the last five years. “

Corona increased due to disease
She further says – When I got many tests done in 2017 due to many problems, the ovarian cancer of the fourth stage was diagnosed. Then my weight was only forty kilos. But due to my being a power strong, I tolerated several chemotherapies and two major operations and I was almost cured. But now once again cancer has taken hold, that too with a lot of impact and the major reason is corona. My treatment was interrupted by Corona. The hospital could not go. The medicines were not found anywhere and I remained locked in the house. With this, my physical activities were also affected. Due to which the cancer has increased again very much. Which affected my kidney, liver and langs. Now I am getting treatment but now I will not be able to say whether I can get it right or not. But the courage is still maintained today.

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Friends love and important
Anita says- A person has to fight with the disease alone. But the people who give them encouragement and love also help in fighting the disease, which I am feeling lacking these days. By the way, I am single, have always been single, but visiting and leaving friends, encouraging and giving love has boosted my courage. Which has helped me a lot in fighting the disease. But now loneliness has started playing a lot. Because of Corona people are hesitant to come to me, worrying about me. So now in future life, it has to be seen how much more I can survive with my courage.


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