World Blood Donor Day 2020: Know its history and benefits made by donating blood

World Blood Donor Day 2020: Know its history and benefits made by donating blood

World Blood Donor Day 2020: Know its history and benefits made by donating blood on our body

Hello friends, today is World Blood Donor Day. This day is celebrated every year on 14 June. It was first celebrated in 2004. June 14 was declared as Blood Donation Day by the World Health Organization. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to promote blood donation. Every year on 14 June, camps are organized at various places for blood donation.


World Blood Donor Day

The purpose of the program, established by the WHO in 2004, is to raise awareness about the need for safe blood products, to thank the blood donors for their clean living and by encouraging them to donate blood.

What is the theme of World Blood Donor Day 2020?

World Blood Donation Day was first started by the WHO. The theme of this day is every year. The theme of World Blood Donation Day 2020 this year is “SAFE BLOOD, SAFE LIFE”.


Why is it important to donate blood?

Donating blood is very important. Blood donation will make blood available in blood banks. Therefore, if necessary, the needy people can use the blood kept in the blood bank. By donating blood, we are not only saving a person’s life but also donating blood is beneficial for our body.


What are the benefits of donating blood?


  • Donating blood helps the heart. Experts claim that donating blood helps remove heart-related problems.


  • By donating blood, the amount of iron in the body remains correct. Every healthy person should donate blood.


  • If the amount of iron in the body is high, dangerous diseases like cancer can occur. Blood donation helps in the risk of diseases like cancer.


  • If you are healthy, you can also donate blood. This will not only harm you but will also benefit you.


  • Donating blood also helps in weight gain. According to therapies, a healthy person should donate blood every 3 months.


  • Research has claimed that donating blood every 3 months strengthens our immunity system. If your immunodeficiency system will be strong, you will be far away from many diseases.


  • Donating mental stress is also removed. For example, if you donate blood, you are giving new life to many people. You will be happy to help someone. Being happy relieves mental stress. This is the reason for that.



How to donate blood:

A blood donation occurs when a person gives his blood at will. It is then used for transfusion. The drug is made through a process called fracking. Most blood donors are unpaid volunteers. One who donates blood for community fulfillment.


Let me tell you that the amount and methods of blood given can vary. But an ideal donation is 450 milliliters of whole blood. Most of the components of blood used for input have a short fixed life. Continuous supply is a permanent problem. It is very important to make our blood.