World Arthritis Day 2020: Know what is the history, theme, symptoms and how to avoid Arthritis

World Arthritis Day 2020: Know what is the history, theme, symptoms and how to avoid Arthritis

World Arthritis Day 2020: Know what is the history, theme, symptoms and how to avoid Arthritis

Hello friends, today is World Arthritis Day. Every year this day is celebrated as World Arthritis Day on 12 October. After a time, every person starts complaining of pain in all the joints of the body. Many times these pains occur with increasing age, then many times there is joint pain due to physical structure and obesity. World Arthritis Day is a wonderful day to get out and help people suffering from this condition.

Know what is the history of World Arthritis Day:

It was founded on the year 12 October 1996 by Arthritis and Rheumatism International to raise awareness about issues affecting people suffering from arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases. It was first celebrated in 1996. The European League, against Rheumatism, introduced the topic “Don’t delay, contact today” in 2017.

World Arthritis Day

Know what is the theme of 2020:

Every year World Arthritis Day has a theme set. This year the theme of World Arthritis Day of 2020 is “Time To Work”. This theme means to do your work on time. Millions of people around the world are affected by Arthritis.

Know what the meaning of the word Arthritis is:

The word Arthritis means inflammation of joints. The term arthritis is used briefly in public health for rheumatism and rheumatoid conditions. It occurs in joints in different parts of the body. The symptoms of trains in the joints are swelling, pain, stiffness, and a decrease in normal activities. The number of patients with joints-targeted disease, Arthritis, is increasing worldwide.


Know what is osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis is a common type of knee arthritis and is also known as joint disease. The pain of arthritis is so severe that a person has a lot of difficulty in not only walking but also bending the knee. Along with pain in the knees, swelling comes in place of pain.

Avoid Arthritis:

There are several types of arthritis, such as Rheumatoid arthritis, and Gouty Arthritis. You can get relief from arthritis problems by following some suggestions. Osteoarthritis is a problem that occurs after the age of growing age, usually around 50 years. Control of weight is necessary to avoid this problem.

These are the symptoms of arthritis:

  • Pain in the knees and joints,
  • Stiffness often persists in the body,
  • Trouble sitting on the toilet,
  • Early morning stiffness in joints, difficulty walking and sitting,
  • Much trouble in running the feet, moving the hands, and moving the joints.

You can get pain relief by these methods:

* Balance the amount of water in the body

* Take a bath at the time of pain,

Massaging with red oil is also comfortable.

* Massage the pain-affected area with warm vinegar before sleeping,

* Mix turmeric in warm milk and drink two to three times a day,

* Make 5 to 10 grams powder of fenugreek seeds with morning water,

* Do not lie down and watch TV

* Use supplements containing calcium and vitamin D,

* Bicycle, swimming, go fast,

Boil 45 garlic buds in a loaf of milk and drink.