Work place issue: If you want to have a good relationship with the boss in the office, then follow these 5 ways

Work place issue : Having a cordial relationship between the employee and the boss in the office is an important part for all the parties. If you maintain a good working relationship with your boss, then it has a positive effect on your career growth. Creating a healthy relationship with the boss does not mean that you take advantage of this. Always keep in mind that you will be called a good employee only when you work within your limits, remain conscious of the work. At the same time, it is important for the boss too that he should also keep his relationship with his employee healthy. A warm relationship between the two will prove beneficial for your workplace as well as it will have positive effects. Let’s know how to make a cordial relationship with the boss.

1. Take the Initiative
Upper management is always looking for and rewarding employees who are innovative and proactive when they get projects. Show your enthusiasm and fresh ideas This shows that you are not the kind of person who comes just because you are in their company. But because the company will benefit because of you.

2. Discuss with the Boss
Having a quality conversation with your boss is clearly a good way to go. By which you can foster a better relationship. However, that doesn’t mean at all that you give them advice even when they’re not expecting you to. In fact, your constant suggestion can have a negative effect as well. A better option is to have a suitably scheduled meeting with them within the stipulated time frame. This shows that you respect their schedule. Discuss the issue in this meeting and get on with your work.

3. Personal Contact
Using personal contacts can be a daunting task. However, if used properly it will show you to your boss that talking about business is not easy. It doesn’t mean that you are more familiar. There’s a fine line between making some questioning and making inappropriate comments about his life. Which can make your boss feel uncomfortable. Here you have to take care not to ask about their weekends or their hobbies.

4. Maintain a Positive Work Ethics
If you’re not the most confident communicator, one of the best ways to improve your relationship with your boss is to work harder. Even if your boss doesn’t come to the office regularly and doesn’t visit your team or talks directly to you, don’t worry. Information about you will reach them through one way or the other. There is a saying “Your work speaks more than words”.

5. Take Feedback, Set Goals
Asking for feedback from your boss does many things. From the boss’s point of view, it shows that you care about the project and your future performance, want to know how to improve. It shows that you are not doing the projects assigned to you because it is your job, but because you are really involved in your work, and can help the work to be successful. Both the boss and the employee have things they want to achieve, both personally in relation to their careers and generally in terms of company goals. Making sure you are aware of your boss’s goals and that they are aware of yours can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your relationship and your career advancement. Telling your boss what your plans are and how quickly you see these goals being achieved. Talk openly about what you want with the company or your boss. They should expect that you are ambitious, honest and forward thinking.

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