Work from home also increased diseases among youth, prevention of traditional food and right routine

Distance from proper routines and traditional food, stressful chores and drug addiction had many youngsters already at risk of serious illnesses.

Distance from correct routines and traditional eating, stressful work and drug addiction had already posed the risk of serious illnesses among many youths. But lockdown and work from home have increased the risk of diseases. The main reasons for this are the lack of coordination between home and office, prolonged sitting, heavy diet, drinking less water and lack of physical activity.
Problem of tension and memory
Work from home is more stress. There is a problem in maintaining coordination between home and office. This leads to increased insomnia and envy. At the same time, there are many problems due to deteriorating hormonal balance in the body.
Non-physical activities are also the main reason
Poor routines in youth have reduced physical activity. Going to office keeps the right routine, the atmosphere changes. At the same time, it has also decreased with Workfrom Home. Non-exercise increases metabolicism and leads to obesity, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, heart and bone related diseases.
Change seating
Don’t eat junk-fast foods if Workfrom is home. It contains more calories. Obesity increases. If someone is intoxicated then it is a good time to give up, try. Work in a home from work like sitting in a table-chair. Get up and walk every half an hour. Drink water
Include local and seasonal items in the diet
The youth should eat more traditional, local and seasonal things. Now eat Amla, Spinach, Bathua, leafy things more. Eat local things like rice, lentils, roti, curd, buttermilk, rabri etc. Try to eat only the traditional things where you live. They protect against diseases.
Lack of sleep is more prone to diseases
Youth are not ready to be bound by any routine or rule. This worsens their sleep cycle. Day-night shift worsens biological clock. At the same time, there is no set time for getting up and running from Workfrom Home. Numerous researches have shown that youth have lost sleep after lockdown. Can’t get enough sleep. There are physical and mental problems.


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