Women’s Day Special: The story of this teacher who was victim of acid attack became inspiration for the people

Nadeem Akhtar became an inspiration for people after Acid Attake

International Women’s Day: Nadeem Akhtar of Tonk made the acid atke his strength and while studying further step by step, she not only became a teacher but today she also has the power of education among children and women who are facing many kinds of problems. Is spreading

Tonk. When a woman decides to do something, the biggest obstacle proves to be dwarf for her. Yes, the story of Nadeem Akhtar of Tonk is also a little bit, which has made his own strength in acid acid and while studying further step by step, he became not only a teacher but today he is also facing many other problems and children. Education is being spread among women. In the year 2009, Nadeem Akhtar, who was a victim of acid attack at the hands of her own husband Sohail. At that time Nadeem Akhtar used to be an Anganwadi worker and was preparing for the first year examination. But her husband, while acting cowardly one day, threw acid from head to body in such a way that not only his face but also more than 50 percent of his body was completely scorched.

In such a situation, it was difficult for Nadeem to see his face as well and he was seeing complete darkness in the life ahead. Her parents and uncles were able to support her in such a way that she not only recovered from this tragedy but also became a teacher of English language after first BA and later B.Ed. How strong the will power of Nadeem Akhtar can be gauged from the fact that he was honored on many forums and sent to England by Save the Children. Nadeem Akhtar says that he made his strength in acid atech in such a way that all the barriers went through them one by one.

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