Woman pours bottle filled with dirty toilet, after 5 hours, digging by hand and took out disgusting thing

Thousands of people commented on the video after watching it on Facebook.

On social media, a woman put a coke in her dirty toilet and shared it with people. When people saw the result, it was emetic. At the same time, many people are also thanking the woman for sharing this trick.

In many countries of the world including India, people drink Coca Cola with great fervor. Coke is considered the best beverage in many countries. But after reading this news of today, you will probably avoid drinking it from now on. On social media, a woman used this coke in the trick of cleaning the bathroom. After seeing the result, you may feel nauseous. Coke has uprooted dirt for months The woman cleaned the bathroom with a cold drink. Through this, the woman showed how the dirt of the frozen months in the toilet seat was uprooted in just 5 hours with just one bottle of coke. People were very impressed with this trick of the woman. However, many people commented that it is extremely disgusting. The woman said that there could be no way to clean the dirty toilet easily. 4 to 5 hours workThe woman shared the trick on Facebook. He told that the dirty toilet could not be cleaned easily. Just one bottle of coke and the shining toilet in front of you. The woman simply puts the coke in the toilet and leaves it for four to five hours. After this, the dirt comes out only after rubbing it with a brush. However, after this many people also called it disgusting. Swear not to drink After seeing the post, many people reacted to it. A man wrote that he would think a thousand times before drinking cold drinks from the front. At the same time, many people wrote that if this coke does such cleaning of the bathroom, then the effect will be there after going into the stomach? At the same time, if the woman cleaned the public toilet with the video, she would wear gloves in her hands. But he simply cleaned the toilet of the house.


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