Woman ordered cheese sandwich online, delivery was done by writing ‘filthy abuse’ on the packet but…

Online food delivery has become common in today’s time. People’s life has become very easy due to this facility. If you do not feel like cooking, then order online. But even in this facility, many times people have to suffer some loss. Sometimes the wrong order comes and sometimes the food turns out to be bad. But in the case we are talking about today, the woman also received abuses along with the sandwich to eat (Food Delivered With Abusive Message).

This incident, posted on Reddit two years ago, is once again in the news. In this, a woman told how a strange thing happened to her after ordering food online. In fact, when her packet was delivered to the woman, BITCH was written on it in big letters. The woman got furious after reading it and complained about it by calling the food outlet. After the reality that she came to know there, the woman lost her laughter.

had complained to the manager
Seeing the abuse written on her sandwich packet, the woman immediately called the food outlet. After this he talked to the manager that why was Bitch written on his packet? Is this the way they deal with their customers? The answer that the woman got was really laughable. Actually, the woman had put cheese with bacon, lettuce and tomato in the sandwich. Accordingly, BLTCH was written on the packet. The lady read L to I and thought it to be BITCH.

people had a lot of fun
After this post, people made fun of the woman fiercely. Although this post was shared in 2019, but after being shared again, it has been shared 10 thousand likes and about 3 thousand times. According to the information, it was posted in 2019 by a person from South Carolina who felt that this abuse was written for his wife.

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