Woman living with boyfriend at home for years, suddenly ‘another world’ came out from behind kitchen

Couple had never seen this hole in the kitchen of the house

On the social media platform Tiktok, a woman has shared a creepy video of her house (Creepy Video). In this video, the woman showed people a glimpse of another world hidden behind the kitchen of the house. For years, this woman was living with her partner in the house but she was not aware of this part of the kitchen.

It is said that sometimes people suddenly come across such things, which they never even imagined. A woman shared a video of her home on the social media platform Tiktok. This woman was living in the house for many years. Despite this, he was not aware of this part of the house. This video became viral on Tiktok on an account called @ anxiousweenie69. However, due to the ban of Tiktok in India, people were able to see only the screenshot of this video. Cat found another world The woman shared the entire matter with the people. Shortly before, this woman together with her lover bought a cat. Suddenly, this cat hid somewhere. Both of them started searching for this cat. Even after looking everywhere, he did not get cat. But after this, he saw a cat in the kitchen. But at the same time, he also saw another world behind the kitchen kabard. There was a hole that the couple had not seen before. Strange things come out from insideWhen the couple put their hands behind this hole, they got some paintings from there. A strange drawing was done in these paintings. Neither of these two could understand the drawing. However, when Kapal shared the video, people were surprised to see the drawing. Many people said that they should leave that house as soon as possible. People also associated this drawing with black magic. Video went viral Share this short video on Tiktok went viral. In the video, the woman was heard saying that because of the cat she showed him what had been hidden in the house for years. This hole was very small. At first both of them were afraid to put their hands inside it, but when they put their hands, this drawing came out from inside it.


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