Woman gave 17 page relationship contract to boyfriend, wrote her demand before going on date

It is said that the relationship makes the uppermost. But nowadays people have started adopting relationships as a contract. You might be wondering how a relationship can be treated like a contract, but recently a girlfriend caught her boyfriend with a long list of demands before he even got into a relationship. This is not such a list, it is a relationship contract which is working to bind both of them in a relationship.

Let us tell you what is this whole matter after all. Actually, 21-year-old Annie Wright was in a toxic relationship some time back. When she came out of him, she was scared to get into the relationship again. Meanwhile, in the month of October last year, he met 23-year-old Michael Head on Tinder. Annie wanted her relationship with Michael to be better than her previous relationship. Because of this, he gave a 17-page relationship contract to Michael. In this long contract, Annie wrote that Michael would give her money whenever people went on a date, gift her flowers twice a month, and workout 5 times a week.

Annie and Michael (Photo: Twitter/@viralbombs)

Annie told that both of them decided that they will tie their relationship in terms and conditions. Risk management student Annie and law student Michael created their own rules for relationships. Annie told that their relationship is like a business meeting. They solve problems in relationships in the same way as partners solve their problems in the field of business. Annie told that Michael often brings flowers for her. The biggest thing about this contract is that both will never blame each other. Half the problem may be because of Annie and half because of Michael. Neither one can cause both problems. Not only this, this couple also holds an annual meeting at the end of the year in which it decides how their one year went. Then they also improve the relationship so that everything goes well.

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