Will Biden support the Taliban rule over Afghanistan, White House gave this answer ..

White House says Taliban rule in Afghanistan that Biden won’t support

Special things

  • Said President Jo Biden will not support it
  • Thoughts on steps for peace in Afghanistan
  • The agreement was signed between America and Taliban in February 2020


The White House has said that if Taliban ruled Afghanistan, then Afghanistan US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) will not support it. With this, the White House has said that the process of taking the next step to establish peace in war-affected Afghanistan is being considered. The agreement was signed between the US and the Taliban in February 2020, Under a permanent ceasefire, talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government on peace-building and withdrawal of all foreign forces by May 1 were agreed.

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There are about 2,500 American soldiers in Afghanistan right now. Asked if Biden would support Afghanistan if the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, White House press secretary Jane Saki told reporters on Tuesday, “I don’t think he would support it.” . ” Saki said, “The process of taking the next step in Afghanistan is going on.” It is being discussed and what will happen next, I do not want to comment on it. “


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