Why does fatigue start increasing after one age? Know the reason for this and do these measures

Why Older People Get Muscle Fatigue Know the Reason : You must have also often seen that elderly people feel more tired after climbing stairs, fetching goods from market, any kind of physical activity. Not only this, along with aging, we also feel the need for rest or short naps in between work. Many times it is also seen that even the elderly find themselves unable to complete the daily household chores. According to Candle at Home magazine, it is actually a normal process of aging and it is a common symptom of aging. The reason for this can usually be medical issues or even mental exhaustion. So let us know that due to which the problem of fatigue increases more with age.

1.Medical problem

With increasing age, most people are surrounded by diseases like diabetes, sugar, hemoglobin deficiency, anemia, heart disease, bone disease. Due to which the problem of lungs and breathing starts. In such a situation, if you are feeling tired with age, then do not ignore it and definitely contact the doctor. Do a full body checkup once a year.
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2.Lack of Gold

Usually, due to reduced physical activity, the problem of sleeplessness at night is seen in the elderly. This can also be due to having diabetes many times and getting up to urinate frequently at night. In such a situation, they are not able to get enough sleep and start feeling tired throughout the day.

3. Emotional issue

Many times the elderly are worried about their future and many even become victims of loneliness and depression. This is more so when their children grow up and they start living apart. In such a situation, loneliness affects them in many ways. In such a situation, they also feel tired due to emotional issues.
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4.Life Style Habit

Exhaustion also depends on some of your lifestyle habits etc. If someone is consuming caffeine and excessive alcohol then he will not get enough sleep and he will not be able to feel refreshed.

do this remedy

– Eat healthy food.

– Do exercise.

-Avoid smoking.

-Keep yourself busy.

– Enjoy.

– Join the society.

At least alcohol and tea and coffee consumption. (Disclaimer:The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before following these.)

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