Why do girls gain weight after marriage? Here are 5 reasons

It is a common practice for women to gain weight after marriage. The women who remain in the slim body before marriage also start getting upset due to their increasing weight after two years of marriage. Many women also go to the doctor regarding weight gain problem and also do workouts as per the advice but the problem does not stop. Actually, there are many reasons for this. People generally believe that after marriage, women lose focus on themselves and due to family responsibilities, they do not take care of their food. Many people also believe that women get relaxed after getting a life partner and their weight starts increasing. So let’s know why the weight of women increases after marriage.

1. Change in diet

After marriage, women move to a new environment and start consuming unhealthy diet after being fed good tasty food. Not only this, the strict diet that she has been following in her maternal home, she does not follow her in-laws here, which results in a rapid increase in weight.

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As much as women are happy about marriage, they are equally stressed. Tackling new responsibilities, keeping everyone happy, etc. is a big reason for stress. Not only this, there is also a lot of change in the life style which is a challenge to accept. In such a way, to reduce stress, women eat unhealthy food and gain weight.

3. Metabolic Rate Event

Usually after the age of 30, the metabolic rate starts decreasing in the body and due to which weight starts to increase even after eating a little. The age of marriage is only around 30 and this is the time when a lot changes in the lives of women. In such a situation, weight gain is only natural.

4. Getting a lot of love caress

Everyone likes to pamper a new family member. Feeding him something new every day, going to parties, functions etc., celebrating festivals etc. with pomp, feeding all kinds of food among them is usually in every family. In such a situation, women also become careless and their weight starts increasing.

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5. Changing Thinking

Before marriage, girls do regular exercise and gym to look beautiful and also take care of food, but after marriage, the thinking changes. Many women start thinking that now they have got married and what is the need for fitness. Contact the concerned specialist.)


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