Why did Nitish Kumar have to be cleaned up that he does not threaten anyone

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar – File photo

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar does not like toke-talk during his speech these days, and sometimes Nitish Kumar, who is considered synonymous with decency in his speech, is like a fire nowadays that now he has to explain himself. . In the Bihar Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council on Tuesday, Nitish lost his temper over the vote of thanks on the Governor’s address.

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First of all, during his speech in the Bihar Assembly, Nitish Kumar was certainly angry at the opposition members interrupting his speech. But in view of his softness on Tejashwi Yadav, the matter did not get much worse.

But when he started speaking in the Legislative Council after this, Subodh Rai, a member of the Rashtriya Janata Dal, interrupted, and Nitish said that he had saved you or sit once. After this, when he was speaking on the power situation and paddy procurement in the state, another member of RJD, Sunil Singh, tried to take some figures and surround them, then Nitish Kumar came out of his mouth.

After this, both RJD members walked out of the House and they said that such language does not suit Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Now Nitish Kumar came out of the House and like every day, he gave the media a byte on other topics and when asked about the case of the Legislative Council, he said that he does not threaten anyone and respect everyone.



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