Who would you choose, cabbage and spinach? Both are full of fiber

Health benefits of spinach and cabbage.

Cabbage or Spinach: Both cabbage and spinach are rich in green and health treasures. Know which of the two you would like to eat.

Both cabbage and spinach are rich in fiber, vitamins and protein. Despite the similarities in the properties of these two, both are different and there is a difference in the benefits available to its health. so By knowing whom to eat in these two, you will remain in more benefit.


Cabbage belongs to the genus Brassica of vegetables and occurs in many colors like red, white, green and purple. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and looks like lettuce. It is used in making many dishes such as kimchi, sour cabbage.

Cabbage filled with vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen. It increases immunity and improves bone health. Vitamin C helps protect the body from damage from free radicals. It is a treasure of fiber and minerals like calcium and potassium. It also contains powerful antioxidants such as polyphenol and sulfur compound. Vitamin-rich cabbage is necessary for blood clotting and to maintain calcium in bones. Those with under-active thyroid gland ie Hypothyroidism are advised not to eat cabbage.Also read: Know who is more healthy in Brockley and Cal …


Spinach leaves are dark green in color because they contain chlorophyll, carotenoids such as lutein, beta carotene, and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids help improve eye health and have anti-inflammatory properties.

It is rich in magnesium, manganese, calcium and iron as well as vitamins A, B2, C and E. It also contains good amount of Vitamin-K which keeps bones healthy.

Antioxidant-rich spinach also protects the body from the dangers of free radicals and prevents premature aging. It is packed with essential nutrients that help to keep the skin glowing and healthy. Although spinach contains a high amount of oxalate, people with a history of kidney stone oxalate should avoid excessive intake. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)


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