While pregnant in the age of 40 to 50, keep these things in mind, know everything from gynecologist

It is not only difficult for women to get pregnant at an older age, but if the woman becomes pregnant, she is also kept in high risk group.

If the woman’s age is around 35 years, then she tells them to wait for 1 year so that she can conceive naturally.

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Pregnant for the first time at the age of more than 35 years has become common not only in Western countries but now also in India. A large number of women have also started giving more importance to their work and career and want to get married and become a mother only after being well settled in their career. But now, seeing many celebrities, many women think of becoming a mother not only after 35 but also after the age of 40. But is it possible to get pregnant between the ages of 40 and 50? Is it okay to wait for a baby for so long? Is it possible to conceive naturally at this age? There are many such questions that will be in the minds of many women who after the age of 40 either try for a child or for some reason do not become mothers even after repeated attempts. We spoke to Dr. Archana Nirula, a gynecologist associated with my treatment, whether it is possible to become a mother between the ages of 40 and 50 and what are the problems during this period and if you want to become a mother at this age, what should you consider should keep?

What is the link between a woman’s age and pregnancy?
Dr. Archana says that most doctors follow the idea that if a woman is around 35 years of age, then she tells them to wait for 1 year so that she can conceive naturally. So at the same time, women between 35 and 40 are asked to wait for 6 months to conceive naturally. But if the woman’s age is more than 40 years, then instead of waiting, the woman is told to meet the fertility expert and how to proceed for the planning of pregnancy. Dr. Archana says that still 8 to 10 percent of the population in India and that too is the only population living in the big cities who think of a child at such an old age. There is a certain number of eggs in the ovaries next to the uterus and the number of eggs starts decreasing every month after the period starts. After the age of 30-35, not only the number of eggs starts decreasing but their quality also starts to deteriorate due to which there are many problems in getting pregnant.

When it comes to women between 40 and 50 years, menopause is also going to start at this age and during this time the number of eggs in the body decreases even more and their quality is not as good as before. Both of these reasons not only make it difficult to conceive, but also increases the risk of chromosome or chromosomal abnormalities and diseases in the child. Not only this, the risk of miscarriage also increases considerably at this age.

How can pregnancy be possible at 40-50?
Women of this age are in the condition of their perimenopause and it is difficult to predict their period cycle, so doctors give fertility medicines to such women so that they can ovulate properly. Many times a woman becomes pregnant only after taking these medicines, but IVF is advised if there is no pregnancy even after this. In this process, the embryo is prepared in the lab with the eggs of the woman’s body and the sperm of the partner and then it is put in the woman’s uterus. But only when the doctors are satisfied that the woman’s body is ready to carry the baby.

Egg freeze
However, another process has become quite popular these days, which is also known as cryopreservation or egg freezing. In this, women get their eggs freeze around the age of 30 and then when they want to become a mother after the age of 40, they can become pregnant using these frozen eggs. Getting an egg freeze does not guarantee successful pregnancy, but as we have already said that as the age increases, the quality of eggs starts decreasing. Therefore, the possibility of having any genetic problem in the child resulting from freezing the eggs at a young age is reduced.

What are the problems?
It is not only difficult for women to get pregnant at an older age, but if the woman becomes pregnant, she is also kept in high risk group. The reason for this is that women who are pregnant between 40 and 50 years of age face the following dangers during pregnancy:

  • Pre-eclampsia (a type of high blood pressure that develops during pregnancy and can prove fatal)
  • Gestational diabetes (diabetes problem during pregnancy)
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Risk of miscarriage or miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • C-section delivery risk
  • Risk of pre-mature delivery

Children born to older mothers may have these problems:

  • Congenital defect
  • Lack of learning ability
  • Chromosome-associated diseases such as Down syndrome
  • Loss of baby at birth

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