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New Delhi : By eating dry grapes, women get relief in problems during periods and nutrients are also available in abundance during pregnancy.

Benefits of dry grapes for women
1. Pain Relief from Periods
Many women have to face a lot of pain during periods. In this case, dry grapes act as a blood purifier. It detoxifies the body and prevents blood clotting during irregular periods and PCOS. The iron present in it prevents weakness during periods. In fact, iron deficiency can lead to low hemoglobin. Iron deficiency can also cause anemia in women.

2. Benefits of dry grapes for pregnant women
There are many benefits of eating dry grapes during pregnancy. Raisins are rich in calcium. In addition, it contains oleanolic acid. This element is very beneficial for the teeth. For this, you can eat soaked dry grapes in the morning.

3. Helpful in Weight Gain
Raisins help in gaining weight. It has high levels of glucose and sucrose. It also maintains your energy level. Eating dry grapes in milk is also beneficial.

4. Get Glowing Skin With Raisin
The antioxidants present in dry grapes fight free radicals and prevent damage to cells. In women, it helps to control wrinkles and roughness of the skin due to ageing and also enhances the glow.

5. Keep heart diseases away
Raisins contain anti-cholesterol compounds. This compound helps in staying healthy by reducing the risk of LDL (bad cholesterol), high blood pressure and heart attack.

disadvantages of raisins
Excessive consumption of dry grapes can cause many harm to your health. If you eat a lot of dry grapes, you may have diarrhea problems. Apart from this, if you are breastfeeding, then you should definitely consult your doctor about this. Also, if you are a diabetic patient, then it can be harmful for you because the amount of sugar in raisins is high. Therefore, diabetic patients should consume dry grapes on the advice of the doctor.

how to use
1. You can soak dry grapes in water overnight and eat them with almonds and figs in the morning.

2. To increase weight, you can eat dry grapes boiled in milk or soaked overnight. It helps in gaining weight.

3. If you want to eat dry grapes in a fun way, then you can eat dry grapes by frying them in ghee. It is beneficial for pregnant women.

4. Apart from this, you can also drink soaked dry grapes and mix it with juice.


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