Which deadly bacteria has become a headache in Kerala battling the corona virus?

Which deadly bacteria has become a headache in Kerala battling the corona virus?

Kerala is the state where the country’s first case of Coronavirus case was found and now while fighting against Corona, another type of infection has deepened the clouds of concern. It is not a virus but a case of new bacterial infection, which is believed to be fatal and also highly contagious.
Many cases of this infection have started appearing in the state, when the life of an 11-year-old boy has been lost due to this bacterial infection. So far only a few information has been received about this new infection in Kerala, which is considered very worrying.This infection is caused by bacteria called Shigella and this infection is called Shigellosis. Just as the symptoms of corona virus can show symptoms even after a few days, similarly in Shigella sufferers, symptoms start appearing 1 to 2 days later. Like minor Kovid patients, even minor Shigella patients can be cured without treatment. But serious cases can be dangerous and fatal. Know about this infection in Kerala.

1. Symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain or torsion are common in victims of Shigella bacteria, which can last up to 7 days. This bacterial infection is usually treated with antibiotics, which can help control the spread of the infection.

3. Shigella bacteria can be spread from one victim to another even if the symptoms of diarrhea of ​​the victim have been eased. Only a small amount of bacteria is enough to make anyone sick.

In the library named London National Situation of Type Cultures, there are living deadly bacteria.

4. Contaminated food or water are said to be the major sources of this infection. If someone is infected with this bacteria, it is confirmed by stool test.

5. Like Kovid-19, you can avoid this infection by keeping it clean. If you wash your hands properly from time to time, then it is possible to prevent infection.

6. Infection can be spread by touching any surface touching the person suffering from infection. Also, this infection can also be caused by the intake of food that an infected person has made.

7. People of any age can be infected with this bacterial infection, but children are at greater risk. Most of the infected children are being found in Kerala. People who are traveling continuously are also at greater risk. Infections are also caused by having sex with infected vertebrae.

Is this the second wave?
Cases of infection of this Shigella were also registered in Kerala last year. In 2019, after the exposure of this bacterial infection in Koilandi, a cleanliness monitoring was done for the mid-day meal.

In 2019, 40 children from the same school were admitted to the hospital after symptoms of Shigella. After the death of a child this year, local sources of water are being cleaned and the condition of the people who came in contact of the deceased child is also being understood.

Significantly, every year up to 6 lakh deaths occur due to diseases caused by this bacteria in the world. Four major bacterial causes are behind the severe cases of diarrhea in Africa and South Asia, of which Shigella is one. This bacterium was discovered in 1897 by Japanese expert Kiyoshi Shiga, so it was named after him.

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