When Vidya Balan had to face rejections again and again, the actress used to cry while sleeping

New Delhi: Every new actress in Bollywood today dreams of getting success like Vidya Balan. It is also true that in order to become like Vidya, one has to suffer like her, which is not for everyone. Today everyone may consider Vidya’s acting iron, but there was a time when no one was ready to take her in their film. He has struggled a lot to get success. In a recent interview, Vidya has told many things related to her struggle days.

According to media reports, Vidya’s days of struggle started when she was trying to leave the world of TV and go to the world of films. He also gave auditions for South films, but he had to face rejections every time. She often used to cry at night while sleeping and many times she fell asleep while crying. There came a time when Vidya felt that her dream of becoming an actress in films would remain unfulfilled.

(Photo Credits: Instagram/balanvidya)

Despite the adverse circumstances, Vidya did not stop trying. Luck turned and he got a chance to work in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film ‘Parineeta’ in 2005. The film was highly appreciated and Vidya Balan came in the public eye. It has been 15 years for Vidya working in Bollywood. During this time he has seen a lot of ups and downs, but he has not stopped trying to do better. This is the reason that today everyone in the film industry takes his name with great respect.


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