When the prince cleaned his nose with the gift given by Govinda

New Delhi. Bollywood’s legendary actor Rajkumar made people crazy with his brilliant acting. He acted in several superhit films. Dialogue was so overwhelming that they used to climb on everyone’s tongue. Rajkumar’s dialogues are popular among the people even today. However, the actor was quite famous for his blunt nature. Due to his nature, he was not made with many stars. He even got into a feud with several celebs. Once he also insulted Govinda.

Compliment of Govinda’s shirt
Govinda started in the industry at that time and this is the year 1988. Govinda and Rajkumar were working together. The film was ‘Jang Baaz’. One day, Rajkumar was sitting on the set of the film. Govinda first met Rajkumar on the set. Govinda saluted him with great respect. Govinda used to wear very stylish clothes at that time. He was also wearing a very colorful and attractive shirt that day. In such a situation, the prince first saw Govinda from top to bottom. After that, praising the actor, Rajkumar said that your shirt is very good.

Gift shirt
Govinda sighed happily after hearing his praise from the mouth of an actor like Rajkumar. He was not blooming happily. After this Govinda went to her makeup room. He took off the shirt and gave it to the prince as a gift. But the prince gave the gift of Govinda in such a condition that Govinda was left staring at it. In fact, when Govinda arrives on the set a few days later, he sees that the shirt he so lovingly gave to Rajkumar as a handkerchief was made by him. Not only this, the prince used to clean his nose with that handkerchief. Govinda was surprised to see this.


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