When the lion entered inside the hotel wall, the incident was captured in CCTV – News18 Hindi

Gandhinagar. In Junagadh of Gujarat (Gujarat), it has become common to see lions on common routes. One such case has also come up on Monday. Here a lion is seen trapping the wall at the entry of the hotel. This case has been captured in CCTV. Also, it is being fiercely shared on many social media platforms. In 2019 too, 7 lions were seen roaming the streets together in Junagadh.

It is seen in the viral video that a lion came at the entry of the hotel. After this, he jumped a small temporary wall and went towards the road. This video has been shared by a Twitter user Udayan Kanchi. He has written that lions have started appearing in Junagadh. Junagadh is near Gir Lion Century. He told that this video is of Hotel Sarovar Portico in Junagadh.

The special thing is that the area seen in the viral video is one of the busy areas of the city. It is also very close to the railway station. After Twitter user, this video was also shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Sushant Nanda. During this, he also talked about the increase in such cases in the state. This video was shared by the officer on Wednesday morning. It has been seen about 14 thousand times so far.

After going viral on social media, this video is being watched fiercely. Users are constantly giving feedback on this. A similar case came to light in Bengaluru a few days ago. Here a tiger came very close to the tourist’s car. During this time, the tiger was trying to pull the car. Seeing this tiger, another tiger also reached there.


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