When the child came under fire, the mother went straight and clashed with the lion, forced to run away after being punched

The relationship between mother and child is such that the mother gets agitated on seeing the flame coming on the piece of her liver. In America too, when a mother’s child was attacked by a dangerous lion, she took the form of Durga and did not move until the animal gave up.

Seeing the 5 year old child, the mountain lion attacked him and tried to take him with him. Meanwhile, when the mother saw him, he punched the lion so much that he had to give up in front of the courageous mother. Whoever heard this story of mother’s bravery, he is praising her. Even after hearing the name of the animal, people get scared, the woman alone made two hands for the safety of the child.

get rid of the dreaded lion’s sixes
According to The Sun, this incident happened in California, USA, when the child was playing outside his house. Seeing the child alone, the mountain lion pounced on the innocent and grabbed him and dragged him for about 45 yards. Meanwhile, the mother heard the scream of the child and she reached there. The mother, seeing the child in the lion’s mouth, did not see or move, pounced on the lion and kept punching. During this, the mother did not even see how much dreaded animal is standing in front of her.

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Lion concedes defeat in front of Mamta
The lion also attacked the mother, but she confronted him without fear. Eventually the courage also gave an answer and he ran away. However, the child was badly injured and had to be admitted to the hospital. This incident was reported by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It has been told by the department that the child has suffered serious head and upper torso injuries and is in the hospital. After saving the life of the child after the mother’s bravery, her bravery is being praised in the whole area.

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