When Shahrukh told daughter Suhana, ‘If a boy behaves like Rahul or Raj, then kick him’

Mumbai. Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is very friendly with his children. This can be gauged from his answers to questions on bonding with children in many of his interviews. He is also seen speaking boldly about his children’s education, career and likes and dislikes and relation in young age. In an interview, Shahrukh had said that if a boy treats Suhana like his film character Rahul or Raj, then kick him. Let’s know why Shahrukh said this after all-

Shahrukh’s suggestion to Suhana on boys who meet the name Rahul or Raj
Actually, his characters ‘Rahul’ and ‘Raj’ in Shahrukh Khan’s films were well-liked. Rahul and Raj were among the most romantic names in that era. However, if characters like Rahul and Raj come to the fore in real life, what will happen and what will be the reaction of people? In an interview on the same lines, Shahrukh was asked how would he feel if his daughter Suhana met a boy like Rahul? On this, Shahrukh told that he has told his daughter that if he meets such a boy who tells him, ‘Rahul, Naam Toh Suna Hoga Hoga, it means that he is a stalker. The actor said that if a boy keeps looking at him in the party and says ‘Aur Paas, Aur Paas’ then kick him on his leg.’

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doesn’t do this at home
Shahrukh had said in this conversation that what is the meaning of romance? To make someone feel special moment at a time. Personally, I am not like that. If I open my arms and sing in front of my wife, she may throw me out of the house. But in films, if I can activate the innocence and make it attractive, then the newness comes automatically in that role.

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Don’t keep an eye on Suhana
Significantly, Karan Johar had asked Shahrukh Khan in his show ‘Koffee with Karan’ that if your daughter is 16 years old, will you kill the person who kisses your daughter? In response, Shahrukh had said that they would break his lip. Karan also asks if they keep an eye on Suhana. On this the actor said that no they do not do this. His daughter tells him everything.


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