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At one point of time, Rekha made such statements which were quite bold for its time. Due to these bold statements of Rekha, her personal life was also greatly affected.

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Published: December 20, 2021 12:29:42 am

Who does not know the famous Bollywood actress Rekha. Rekha, a famous actress of the 90s, rules millions of hearts. Bollywood’s famous actress Rekha has turned 67 years old. As much as there is a discussion about his strong acting in films, the same tales and gossip remain on the lips of cinematographers regarding his personal life. The line is one, but the stories related to them are many! Even when she used to be the number one actress, Rekha was as popular as she is now.

Even today people do not know the truth related to his life. Nothing can be said with certainty about the story of their love-affair, marriage, breakup and even filling the vermilion in the mang! Rekha told in an interview that initially she did not understand the gossip. According to the book of Yasser Usman, during an interview, Rekha said – You are close to a man. Can’t get too close. If you don’t have sex with him. Told this to someone else. That it is just a coincidence that I am not pregnant yet. Rekha used to justify sex even before marriage.

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Darhasal Rekha had said in one of her interviews that ‘You cannot come very close to a man until you have sex with him.’ Although physical connection is very important to keep the vehicle on track in a married relationship, but in relationships where emotional connection is missing, physical intimacy becomes only a trick to woo men. It was not even anticipated that such statements would create such an image of her that it would be difficult for her to get out, gradually Rekha realized that her statements were being taken in a wrong way. In an interview, Rekha said – People used to say that Rekha is a very frank person. The line is a cracker.

But it didn’t make much difference to me but later I realized, just the opposite of what I said. A chili-spicy article is being served in front of me. Which I am not at all. After the year 75…76, I thought that people should not talk at all. Everything is useless. Because we don’t even write what we say.


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