When Nia Sharma did a lesbian kiss with Isha Sharma, it was a big deal about kissing boys

New Delhi: TV actress Nia Sharma has a very hot and bold style. Because of his style, he is quite popular among the people. Nia often shares her hot photos and videos for fans on social media. A few years back in 2017, Nia shot a very hot scene in the webseries ‘Twisted’ released on the OTT platform. In this series, Nia did her co-star Isha Sharma lesbian kiss.

Nia was seen giving a very hot look in this scene. At the same time, the hot style of her opposite Isha Sharma was also liked by the people. At that time there was a lot of discussion about the love making scene of these two.

After which Nia Sharma told about the experience of kissing her co-star. Nia Sharma had said in an interview to TV and radio host Siddharth Kanan about the bold scene in this web series that kissing a girl was a very difficult task for me. I was feeling uncomfortable during that time. Nia had said that after doing a kissing scene with a girl, I was convinced that kissing boys is easier than this.

In the interview, Nia had said that it was very difficult for me to shoot this scene. I could not convince myself to shoot. I tried to keep myself calm. I took a re-take and then completed this scene. Along with this I was convinced how easy it is to kiss boys.

Nia Sharma had said that ‘When I did Twisted, OTT platforms were in their early stages, at that time OTT platforms were not very popular. When people came to know about this love scene, buzz was created about the series which proved to be beneficial for the show. But I was very nervous before kissing a girl.

After this Nia Sharma had also made it clear that she is not interested in kissing girls and may avoid doing such scenes in future.


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