When Kajol had a daughter, it was found out how much her mother had sacrificed, read the actress’s word

Mumbai. Bollywood star Kajol’s new movie ‘Tribhanga’ has recently released. Renuka Shahane has stepped into direction from this film. During this, Kajol has said in an interview that she is very fond of her mother and senior actress Tanuja. She says that she only truly understood her mother after having her own daughter. The actress says that she realized her mother’s sacrifices after having her daughter Nissa.

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‘Mother knows when I have a daughter’
Kajol told IANS, ‘I knew my mother only when I had my own daughter. I always loved my mother, always admired her and thought she was fantastic. But when I had a daughter, I remember calling my mother and talking with them crying and saying to her, I know you love me very much. ‘

Mother gave up
Recalling the conversation, Kajol said, ‘At that time, I understood how much she loved me. I told him today, I understand how much you sacrificed for me, how you felt about everything in life, because I was with you and how everything changed for you. ‘

‘Respect for mother increased’
The actress said, ‘And also how much he did when he became my mother. I understood this only when I had my own daughter. I realized what they had to do to give birth to a child. After knowing this, respect for my mother increased 100 times in my mind.

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‘My kids have holidays’
The actress further added, ‘I remember she used to say no to films when we were going on holidays. She used to say, “Excuse me, I will not be able to work in the months of April and May, because my children have holidays and I promised them that I will be with them.”


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