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Actress Jacqueline, who is called the Sri Lankan beauty of Bollywood, remains in the limelight a lot these days. Bollywood’s ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan Girl’ i.e. Jacqueline Fernandez is very famous for her beauty. Although he has been keeping a distance from films for a long time, but despite this, he likes them as much as he used to do earlier. Jacqueline is once again making headlines these days, due to which she has no upcoming film or web series but something else. Yes, she has come under suspicion. Recently some pictures went viral in which the actress was seen kissing Suresh. It has been many years since Jacqueline Fernandez came to Bollywood and has worked with big superstars. Jacqueline’s name was associated with many actors while working in the film industry. One of them is superstar Salman Khan.


Jacqueline’s name is associated with superstar Salman Khan for a long time. Salman and Jacqueline worked together in the 2014 film Kick. Only after this the news of their affair remained in the headlines. Jacqueline Fernandez keeps getting spotted with Salman Khan every day. Jacqueline often shares her love-filled pictures with Salman on social media. This beautiful Bollywood actress came into the limelight in Karona even when she stayed with Salman Khan for many days and many nights at Salman Khan’s farm house during Corona! During this many photos and videos of Jacqueline had become viral. At that time no one else was present at the farm house except Jacqueline and Salman Khan, both of them had spent a lot of time together! Some and many people taunted Jacqueline! People even said that Salman Khan is not going to leave Jacqueline either!

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By the way, Jacqueline’s name has also been associated with many directors and actors before this. Actually, when Jacqueline made her Bollywood debut, her name was linked with actor Riteish Deshmukh. Jacqueline made her Bollywood debut with the film Aladdin, in which she was also accompanied by Riteish Deshmukh. Jacqueline fell in love with Ritesh during the shooting. But at that time Ritesh was dating Genelia so he did not pay attention to Jacqueline.

However, this time the matter is different and Jacqueline’s name is being associated with Sukesh, due to which she is becoming very popular. Now it has to be seen how Jacqueline is able to prove herself in the end and make her image back in the hearts of the fans or else she is going to sink deeper into this matter.

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