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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are often in the headlines for one thing or the other. Sometimes she comes in discussion about her new projects and sometimes about her personal life and her husband. Now she is once again in discussion among Indian fans due to husband Nick Jonas. Priyanka is not only famous from India to foreign film industry, her husband is also no less. Nick Jonas, younger than the actress in age, has also earned a lot of name from singing to acting. Every year many albums of his songs come out which are very famous in the West. Country girl Priyanka Chopra and foreign charm Nick Jonas came into limelight a few days back due to their divorce rumours. Fans want to know everything about the celebrity, even their bedroom secrets, sex life. Even their bedroom secret, sex life. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick have been married for a long time, but their love life always remains in the headlines. The reason for this is that both Priyanka and Nick talk openly about their personal life. Not only this, they also do not hesitate to share their bedroom secrets.


Actually in 2018, Hollywood singer Nick Jonas married Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, ten years older than him. Both are very happy with each other. These couples, which are among the popular couples around the world, are seen openly expressing their love. Nick had now shared the secret of private moments spent with Priyanka in an interview, after which he was in the news a lot. Hollywood singer Nick Jonas has released intimate songs this year. When asked whether he plays his intimate songs in his private moments in his bedroom? In response to this, Nick spoke openly and said that I believe that everyone should have a sex playlist of his. I also have a sex playlist but not a single song of mine is included in it. Nick revealed that he doesn’t feel free with his songs in those private moments.

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Foreign Charm Nick Jonas further said that Priyanka Chopra is very important in his life and Priyanka’s opinion matters a lot in his life. Nick said that Priyanka is the first person for whom I did some play for the first time. Nick told that apart from being fans of each other’s work, we are also good critics. We openly share what we don’t like.

When Nick was asked that he is a famous singer and Nick is fan sexized by fans from an early age, how do you feel. Nick Jonas said that I am happy if anyone uses my song for their experience. At the same time, when asked that Nick is called as a sex symbol by his audience because of his songs, he gave a very simple answer. He said that it was just flattery. I don’t pay attention to all these things. Also he said that I laugh after reading the comments and think what my parents would think after seeing these comments. I try not to think about it because it will make me feel embarrassed.

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