When father Salim Khan told Salman Khan this thing at 2.30 pm, life changed forever

New Delhi. Salman Khan, who is called the Dabangg of Bollywood, rules the film industry today. Today each of his films do crores of business at the box office. Millions of people love him. His flop films also collect 100 crores collection at the box office. By this you can find out the craze in people towards them. But do you know that an advice from his father Salim Khan helped him a lot in reaching here.

Actually, Salman Khan started his career with the film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’. In this film, he was seen in the role of actress Rekha’s brother-in-law. His role was small. But when Salman saw some rushes of the film, he did not like it at all. He started praying that I wish the film should not be released and even if it happens, no one will see it. However, after this film, he did a lot of work on himself. Then he appeared in ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. But after that he stopped working. Salman himself had told about this in an interview given to Prabhu Chawla.

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Salman’s film ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ was ready for release. Salim Khan saw some rushes of his film. In such a situation, Salman was waiting for her to come home. He was in his room. Then his mother told him that his father had come home. Salman said, ‘Knowing my father’s reaction was very important for me. Then daddy came to my room and said – what do you think, you will become a star? I told him that I don’t know. You tell me So my father patted me on the back and said this is a hit, a cult film. He told me that day – if there is anyone in this world who can do anything for you, it is only you.’

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Salman Khan said that he once again told me the same thing. He said, ‘Remember what I said once son. My father knows about my nature. At that time this statement changed my life. After that I thought and decided that now I have to work.


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