WhatsApp Trick: Do not remember the birthdays of friends and relatives, do this work in advance, it will go on its own

Instant messaging app Whatsapp has become a people’s life. People of all ages are using WhatsApp today. Perhaps this is the reason that Whatsapp also keeps bringing new features to make the life of its users easier. Today we are giving you information about a trick related to WhatsApp. Through which you can easily send messages to your friends or relatives at 12 o’clock at night without remembering them on their birthdays and anniversaries. WhatsApp does not currently have this feature officially. But this problem can be overcome through third party app. Messages can be scheduled on WhatsApp with the help of several third-party apps. After this, the message will go by itself. So let us tell you how you can do this scheduling.

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How to schedule on Andorid phone
>> Go to Google Play Store and download SKEDit.
>> After opening SKEDit you first have to sign up in it.
>> After signing up, tap on WhatsApp from the main menu.
>> After this, some permission has to be given. Now click on Enable Accessibility then go to SKEDit and turn on toggle. After this you have to tap on Allow.
>> Then go back to the app, where you will be able to schedule your message.
>> Now below you will see the final toggle. Here you will see the option of Ask Me Before Sending. If you schedule it on, it will send you a notification before sending the message, which will be sent only after clicking on it. If you turn it off, this message will be sent without sending notifications.

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How to schedule on i-Phone
>> First of all go to Apple App Store and download the Shortcuts app on iPhone.
>> Now select the Automation tab. Now click on the + icon on the top right corner and tap on Create Personal Automation.
>> Then tap on Time of Day whenever you want to send your message. Then tap on Next.
>> Now go to Add Action and go to the search bar and type text. Now select Text from the list below and go to Text and type your message.
>> Now under the message box you will see a + icon, tap on it and then go to the search bar and search WhatsApp.
>> here you will see some list. You have to select Send Message via WhatsApp and tap on Done on the screen.


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